Tips Your MSP Company Can Use to Optimize How Effective B2B Buyer Personas Are


Why Are Buyer Personas Important?

business concept- black board with word "Buyer Persona"Your particular MSP company is going to have a number of customers who share characteristics. Also, your local market share will have notable idiosyncratic differences from competitors. When you know who buys from you and why, then you’ll do a better job of advertising and eventually converting prospective customers.

Tactics in Buyer Persona Designs

Of course, you’ve got to be strategic about outreach best practices in terms of buyer persona design. There are specific operational outreach areas you may want to focus on to figure out “who’s who in the zoo”, as it were. Consider the following tactics in designing buyer personas from which to calibrate marketing outreach campaigns:

Understand Who Your Buyers Are – CRM Software Is a Fine Data Repository

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is just about required for any business with more than a handful of customers–at least if you want to maximize potential profits overall. Well, you can double down on the value of such data by using CRM software to iron out profile details.

Who does what, who buys what, who won’t buy anything, and what features differentiate them? Figure this information out, and use CRM data to start figuring out which personas you need to focus on.

Tier Personas Based on How Likely You Are to Onboard New Customers

Once you’ve separated personas out based on their purchasing decisions, you need to “grade” them. Some among your MSP company buy more, and more often, than others. Okay then, your business needs to prioritize marketing and sales pitches calibrated to associated personas.

Those that don’t buy as much or as often need their own personas for marketing professionals to focus on. You want to focus on those who provide the most profit for your business, and string along the rest strategically based on a statistical analysis of available resources.

Conduct Surveys of Existing Customers for More Background

Another way of identifying what sort of personas you need to lean into, and which ones aren’t really doing you any good, is to conduct simple surveys. Call the customers who like you, and call the ones who don’t. There is a place for “negative” buyer personas. When you know who is least likely to buy and can identify associated characteristics initially, salespeople can waste less time trying to convert a “lemon”.

Strategically Designing More Effective Buyer Personas for Outreach

As an MSP company, you’re going to have buyers that tend to be of a certain “kind”. You want to put together personas which are built around your best customers, your worst customers, and those in-between. Tier personas based on their likelihood of conversion, conduct surveys to iron out the details, and use CRM for better persona creation.

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