Tips to Help Your MSP Company Avoid Common Linked InMail Errors

MSP companyYour MSP company will, of necessity, need to use social media as a means of reaching target demographics. This takes time, and it takes effort. There are best practices associated with going this route and certain social outreach avenues that are superior to others in terms of professional impact–like LinkedIn.

LinkedIn InMail Considerations

The messaging options in LinkedIn include something called InMail, which is often misused by MSPs seeking to reach out among target demographics and business partners. The following four items represent common areas where MSPs drop the ball as they use InMail:

1. Weak Subjects

The subject lines of your InMail need to be interesting. They need to draw the reader in. They need to be the kind of thing that would grab your own attention.

Now different industries will have demographically aligned individuals who are interested in different things. So you don’t have to “go Hollywood” with your subject lines; just make them about pain points your customers regularly contend with.

2. Failing to Personalize

As an MSP company, it’s fundamental that you personalize all messages to all potential or existing customers in some way. Through InMail, you can address them by name, and you should find ways of making automated personalized messages as it’s possible to do so. Consultation can help you find the best strategies for this outcome.

3. Time and Focus: Aim For Customers

Don’t talk about yourself too much. Nobody wants to hear you talk about you, they want to hear you talk about them. So talk about how customers like those who are in your target demographic have had greater operational freedom and buying power through your solutions than those who don’t use such solutions. Find ways to talk about yourself as you talk about them.

4. CTAs and Landing Pages: Get the Balance Right

Calls-to-action (CTAs) need to be properly incorporated throughout your LinkedIn InMail outreach messages. This will require careful strategy. You don’t want to be too “obvious”. Essentially, you make a value proposition that naturally segues into the CTA.

Also, you need to find organic ways of incorporating landing page hyperlinks into such emails. There are many different ways to do so. Again, consultation can help, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Use numbers from real customers, use real situations. These can represent some of the best vectors for landing page hyperlinks and properly calibrated CTAs.

Getting the Best Use Out Of Social Media Options Like LinkedIn

As an MSP company, you need to look into social media outlets. LinkedIn is one of the best. Calibrating InMail outreach messages to include proper CTAs, Landing pages, personalization, strong subject lines, and a customer-centered approach can go a long way toward helping you convert or upsell your customers. Consultation can help you find a balanced approach fitting your business and incorporating these strategies.

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