MSP Business Operations and COVID-19: Staying Healthy


MSP businessFirst, does your MSP business have a lot of “at-risk” people? These are defined as those who are over 80 or under 5 years of age or those who have pre-existing conditions. Immune system issues, severe addiction to smoking, tuberculosis, or other pulmonary problems will put people at risk.

Focus on safeguarding these people first and foremost. Second, be sure you’ve got soap and hand sanitizer. You might include some Emergen-C packets in the break room, and buy everybody on staff a multivitamin. Honestly, hysteria notwithstanding, this is going to be all you really need to do for most MSPs.

By definition, many in the IT sector already socially distance owing to their duties as pertain to programming, coding, configuration, and the like. However, many coders aren’t healthy in their eating or exercise habits, and this can make them more vulnerable than most.

At the end of the day, which steps are best are up to your business and the legal guidelines where you’re at locally. That being said, the following three tips can help you facilitate legal isolation while maintaing continuous business:

1. Focus on Decentralization as Possible: Enable Personnel To Work From Home

Technology makes it a lot easier for people to work at home than ever before. In the wake of these uncertain times, lean into that as an MSP. As it turns out, options like BYOD tend to make employees more productive while saving money.

It’s a win-win anyway. Structure operations to favor such paradigms, and you may find costs diminish and profits increase.

2. Implement Cloud Computing If You Haven’t Already–BYOD Is Easier

Your MSP business should already have some interface with cloud computing, as this is a cost-effective way of maximizing resources and even expanding your ability to serve clients.

Cloud computing is something that’s integral to many modern businesses in terms of competitive viability. It also makes BYOD much easier. So, for safety in the time of COVID-19, you definitely want to consider operational infrastructure built around BYOD.

3. Expand Remote Redundancy Measures for Security

Off-site backups, multiple backup options, cloud-related data support, remote monitoring and support–whatever data security redundancy measures you already have, double down on them. The preponderance of client issues can be resolved remotely–something like seventy percent.

An MSP business is in a unique position where it can be more dangerous for employees to be social, yet remote operations are exceptionally feasible. Expanding redundancy, cloud computing, and decentralization represent key means of protecting operational safety of employees amidst this crisis.

MSP Business Operations and COVID-19: Staying Healthy was last modified: April 27th, 2020 by Yoon Choi