How Your MSP Business Can Make Hiring Remotely Superior to In-Person Hiring

MSP businessCountless businesses have shifted from traditional in-person interviews to those conducted remotely on the internet. New hires are being interviewed, onboarded, and prepared for work without leaving home. Though this approach is a bit challenging, it is fairly efficient and reduces employers’ overhead costs. Let’s take a look at how to make interviews as remote-friendly as possible for your MSP business.

Before the Remote Interview

The hiring manager and recruiter should meet with one another prior to starting the remote interview. The details of the open position along with the ideal candidate requirements, salary range, start date, responsibilities, and interview questions should be delved into prior to the actual interview. One individual should be assigned to note-taking throughout the interview. Furthermore, the order in which the interviewers are to ask questions should also be established so questions can be asked in an orderly and logical manner.

The Remote Interview

Now that the preparation is complete, it is time to conduct the remote interview. Video links should be provided as necessary so all parties can join the interview in the most efficient manner possible. Make sure that the interviewee and all interviewers are on the same page in regard to video communications for the interview. If you will use Zoom, provide a link to all parties along with the exact date and time of the interview. The exact same format should be used for all candidates to eliminate potential accusations of bias against your MSP business.

Use an applicant tracking system to communicate information about applicants. The consolidation of information in this central hub makes it easy for everyone to understand exactly what must be known about each candidate prior to making a decision. Double-check your technology to ensure it functions to perfection. At this point, it is time to start the interview. It will also help to have a handoff room within Slack in which each interviewer lets the next know that it is their turn to hop on Zoom to ask questions of the job-seeker.

After the Interview

It will certainly help to obtain job-seeker feedback with a post-remote interview survey. Use 15 minutes for debriefing with each job-seeker in which they provide comments about how the remote interview could be improved as time progresses. The next step is for the interviewers to meet with one another, either virtually or in-person to explain their thoughts regarding each candidate. Ideally, each interviewer will have taken notes that can be referenced when discussing the merits of each candidate.

Hiring Remotely Might Be the Wave of the Future

Even when things return to normal, your MSP business might decide it is better to interview and hire remotely as opposed to in-person. Follow the guidance detailed above and you will likely find hiring remotely is that much more efficient than hiring new employees the traditional way.

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