How to Overcome Generational Communication Differences in Your MSP Company


MSP companyKnowing how to communicate with your employees is key to the success of your MSP company. Each generation communicates differently, as what works for an older audience won’t be as effective for younger people. Taking the time to learn about different communication styles is always well worth the effort in helping you maximize efficiency for your company while ensuring everyone is working together as a team.

Here’s an overview of the various communication styles between different generations in the workplace:

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers grew up during the sixties and seventies, and they were often raised to pay their dues and work themselves up the company ladder. Most baby boomers value consistency and predictability in the workplace due to many of them getting closer to retirement. Baby boomers are also typically more loyal to a company compared to other generations. This age group often prefers more direct lines of communication due to technology being very limited while they were growing up.

Generation X

Gen Xers grew up during the eighties to nineties. Many Gen Xers tend to be resilient, adaptable, and independent. One of the main characteristics of Gen Xers is taking pride in their accomplishments and independence. Usually, they tend to focus more on a work-life balance compared to baby boomers. Most Gen Xers tend to share characteristics between baby boomers and millennials, such as having the same values as their previous generation but being more willing to adapt and learn like millennials.


Looking for ways to attract millennials in the workplace is often a top priority for an MSP company. Most millennials grew up with cell phones in their hands while having computers in their homes. Social media also plays a big role in the lives of many millennials. Typically, millennials aren’t as loyal to one company compared to their predecessors, as they will often switch jobs if it doesn’t match their current interests or passion.

Keeping Things in Perspective

Understanding the common traits between different generations is essential while managing an IT support company. Knowing these various characteristics will allow you to put employees in a better position to succeed due to their personalities. Sometimes you can make a few changes in the workplace, and it can make a big difference in improving efficiency. It’s also important to remember that these traits for each generation aren’t always set in stone, as each individual will act in their own way due to their upbringing and personality.

Closing Thoughts

Learning about all of the differences in generations is well worth the effort for anyone managing an MSP company. Understanding how to handle each individual will ensure everyone is working together while having the best opportunity to succeed. Keeping all of these various traits in mind for each generation can help you boost employee productivity and create a better work environment.

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