As an MSP Company, Customer Satisfaction and Experience Must Be Understood


MSP companyCustomer Experience is paramount; it will have a direct relationship with customer satisfaction. But the two things aren’t quite the same. In this writing, we’ll define and differentiate these concepts, and talk about their importance for your MSP company.

It’s Not Splitting Hairs

People can be satisfied with a service even if they don’t have a good experience. And people can have a good experience even if they’re not satisfied. That sounds a bit conflicting, but it’s not. Let’s dive in a bit deeper into these realities to make them easier to understand:

Customer Experience

A customer’s experience (CX) won’t necessarily result in long-term loyalty to your business. It might, but then again it might not. Basically, CX refers to how customers feel about the products you provide, the services you provide, and the sort of interface necessary to interact with those products or services. For example, if you’ve got an easy-to-navigate website, that will provide positive CX.

If you’ve got a hard-to-navigate website, it will diminish the positive experience of the customer. If you’re always available, that will mean customers have a good experience when trying to contact you. If you’re never available, they’ll have a bad experience. So the CX of your customers is basically what it’s like for them to have your services. It has nothing to do with how good your products or services are, and everything to do with interaction.

For example, a company with no competition may do a great job providing excellent services for its customers. But their CX is probably bad, because they are the only game in town, so the customer has no leverage. Accordingly, when someone makes a mistake within this hypothetical company, they can sort of string dissatisfied customers along.

Customer Satisfaction

An MSP company can have high levels of customer satisfaction even if there’s very poor CX associated with it. Your services and products may work exactly as advertised, but if you’ve got, as an example, an impolite secretary representing the first interaction a customer has with you, then that will lead to bad CX.

Symbiosis Between the Two

A lack of customer satisfaction can lead to bad CX even if products or services work perfectly. But in contrast to that, bad CX can diminish customer satisfaction, so you’ve got to have a balance between the two. Customers shouldn’t have a hard time getting services, contacting people, or finding clarification on complicated issues. Additionally, the products or services they get from you should work satisfactorily.

Attaining and Retaining Customers Through Experience and Satisfaction Best Practices

An MSP company that strives to provide customers with a solid customer experience as well as high levels of customer satisfaction has a higher likelihood of retaining its customers over the long-term. Conducting interviews, surveys, and keeping records can help you determine if present operations are properly serving customers in these areas.

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