2021’s SEO Best Practices Are More Important Than Ever for Your MSP Business


SEO Is Expanding Its Efficacy, Not Contracting

MSP businessMany an MSP business had more skepticism toward SEO prior 2020’s lockdown. Said lockdown forced decentralization on businesses in practically every sector. Prior the lockdown, this was a concept gaining momentum, but yet to be fully embraced. Now it defines a quarter of the market or more. What does this mean? Well, more people are spending time online than ever before. Accordingly, SEO has a greater reach and impact than it has, perhaps, ever had.

Notable Data Points

Naturally, if you’re going to make the best out of this reality, you’ll want to optimize existing SEO protocols so they’re as effective as possible. There are a number of ways to do that, one involves identifying information specifying such SEO expansion, and leaning into them. Here are a few things you may want to think about:

Stimulus Packages and Downtime Expand Consumer Spending

Because of government spending on stimulus packages to balance out the lockdowns they’ve forced on people, a lot of individuals who aren’t used to disposable income suddenly have money. Certainly, they should save it, but they don’t. Accordingly, consumer spending has expanded.

This reality is bracketed by forced quarantine, meaning people aren’t spending money at bars or restaurants or shopping centers. So they’re spending it online, and following SEO segues to do so. Accordingly, marketing may take that reality into account. Your MSP has 1 in 4 customers, ostensibly, taking breaks from their productive time to play around online throughout the day. Lean into that.

Owing to the Lockdown, More People Are Online Than Ever

Your MSP business needs to recognize that, regardless of occupation or lockdown, more people spend more time on more websites than ever before. Even if they’re not in quarantine, primary avenues of social interaction are being forged and maintained online. SEO’s importance becomes greater as a result.

Search Engines Receive an Increased Amount of Queries

Because more people are at home with nothing to do but play around online, they’re following “rabbit holes” that they use search engines to navigate. They’ll find something interesting, make a query on a search engine, and then just keep “surfing” that information. Accordingly, even “fringe” keywords are getting more “hits” than ever.

Return On Investment (ROI) for Blogging Has Expanded

ROI is more visible for blogging than it has been because, again, more people are home online following digital rabbit trails, and those tend to end at varying blogs. If you’re using guest blogging in your marketing presently, you might divert a little more funding in that direction.

Understanding the Times and Acting Accordingly

Your MSP business can do very well with SEO outreach right now. Clear indicators include increased blogging ROI, expanded search engine interaction, more people online than ever, and expanded consumer spending owing to stimulus packages as well as downtime. Paying attention to such indicators can direct your marketing more effectively.

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